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Big announcement!
We are selling our famous
Italian Sausage for home use!!!

Order our        Italian Sausage
on Amazon or this website! 

Great for back-yard grilling!

Use Tabs Above For Sausage orders

We are also starting a delivery service for our food!

We Cater to Employees Stuck at work. 

Lunch deliveries are currently to businesses only. They are available on weekends during  Day Shift lunch hours. 

Orders can be placed Monday - Friday up to 5 p.m.
to receive your order for that weekend. 

Delivery hours are between 10am-2pm Sat. and 10 am-2pm on Sun.

We are offering food delivery to companies in a 12 mile radius from our Location, 320 N Garver Rd. Monroe, Ohio 45050.

Hopefully in the future we will be able to do residential food deliveries. 

The taste is undeniable and we cannot wait for you to try our product!!

Carne Asada Potato Bowl 
The New Menu Item

We expanded our menu at the beginning of 2023, with the use of our new corn and potato roaster. We began research and landed on a great food item. We focused on using a roasted potato for the food items base. 


On top of the potato we add melted salted sweet cream butter, shredded yellow cheddar and monterey jack cheese, daisy sour cream,  and locally sourced sweet corn. The corn is taken off the cob and seasoned with our seasoning blend. Then splashed with Lime and topped with chives. 


Then finally topped with bacon and carne asada seasoned eye of round steak. F.Y.I the steak and bacon are cooked on a flat top grill to infuse the carne asada seasoning into the meat.


When all items are combined in the bowl, it's an explosion to your taste buds.


We look forward to your business and serving you!! 


Enjoy a video of some bowls being made



Dave and Phil's Grill rolling into 
the Renaissance

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