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Begins with timing and encounters. I had worked for a friend on weekends, helping him run his food stand. It was located at the Turtle Creek Flea Market. I did this a few weekends to make extra money, enjoyed the work a lot. I was also working at Airborne Express in Wilmington Ohio. Short part of that chapter was that Airborne was eventually bought out by DHL and later, a lot of lay offs. 







Once laid off, I was offered a buy out package by DHL for years of service. On another front my friend was looking to rid himself of the Treasure Aisles location because two locations was becoming to much for him. So with a conversation with my wife. I decided to take the plunge and purchase the location. There was a lot of bumps in the road at first, but things settled down.

I went on to expand with another trailer, that was a tent set up for festivals. Things went ok with that venture, except for the time to set up the tent and tear it down. This is the part of the story when encounters come into play. I was doing an event in Trenton Ohio and had an issue with help that had called off that morning. I happened to talk to my closest neighbors at the event and this is where I meet the greatest friends and future partners, they where the best people you could ever meet. Sarah and Nellie. This photo shows the set up, of that weekend where I meet them. 


had another trailer in mind to use at festivals. And in the year of 2015. I went for it and invested the money in the new orange trailer you see above. It was great! Self contained and easy to set up at an event.

Time went on and my expansion plans never ceased. I had always wanted to turn Dave and Phil's Grill into a sports bar. I came up with a name that you see at the top of this webpage and moving forward with this venture. Though it may take a few years. It is coming soon!!

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